There was a talk in the village about a smart boy. When asking any questions by the elders of the village he always was able to give them a satisfactory answer. One day, there was a religious teacher thought of a question that will make the boy struggle with the answer or not be able to answer it at all. When he met the boy, he said "Hey boy, I heard people said that you are a very smart boy…I have a question for you "Do you know anywhere that there is God? If you give the right answer, I'll give you an orange. The boy answered right away "Let me ask you back a question, is there anywhere that there is no God? If you give the correct answer, I’ll give you 2 oranges.


- Did the boy answer the religious teacher?

- If he did, what did he say?

- Do you know brothers and sisters is there any place that there is no God?


Take a moment to think about the story. God is almighty powerful we can’t see Him. He created everything in Heaven and on Earth. There is nothing that exists without Him. The air we breathed is also God’s creation even though we can’t see it. The air can penetrate everywhere, likewise God is everywhere, and there is only one place that God will not be present, is in the heart of some people.


- Do you have God in your heart?

- Do you have a place to receive God into your heart?



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